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Carduri I/O si adaptoare

Brand: ATEN Model: UC232A-AT
I/O ACC CABLE CONVERTER USB/TO RS-232 UC232A-AT ATEN USB-to-Serial Converter UC232A is a USB to serial port converter. It provides PCs, notebook PCs and handheld computing devices using USB an external PnP RS232 port..
55,16 lei
Fără TVA:46,36 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: UC3238-AT
2.7M USB-C to 4K HDMI Converter Connect a USB-C enabled laptop or Smartphone which utilizes“DP Alt Mode”functionality to an HDMI compatible display using a single cable Supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz) Supports a long-distance connectivity of up to 2.7 ..
142,61 lei
Fără TVA:119,84 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: 2L-7D02U
PC Connector:DVI-D (Single Link),USB and Audio Console Connector: DVI-D (Single Link),USB and Audio Length:1.8m  ..
68,55 lei
Fără TVA:57,60 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: 2L-7D05U
5M USB DVI-D Single Link KVM Cable..
142,09 lei
Fără TVA:119,40 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: 2L-5302P
PC Connector: HDB,PS/2 and Audio Console Connector:3 in 1 SPHD(Keyboard/Mouse/Video) Length:1.8m (Slim)..
51,81 lei
Fără TVA:43,53 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: UC3020-AT
CAMLIVE (HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture) Captures unencrypted HDMI video signal from camcorder or DSLR up to 1080P  60 Supports live video streaming, webcasting and video conferencing Compatible with popular streaming software, such as OBS, Xsplit, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch Plug..
466,47 lei
Fără TVA:391,99 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: UC100KMA-AT
PS/2 to USB AdapterUC100KMA is a signal converter with a 30cm cable. It can convert signals of PS/2 devices (keyboard and mouse) into USB signals, and supports multiple operating systems to fulfill the needs of users.  ..
110,37 lei
Fără TVA:92,75 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: VC810-AT
The VC810 is an HDMI-to-VGA converter that allows you to connect an HDMI source (e.g. laptop, PC, ultrabook, etc) directly to a VGA display (e.g. projector, LCD monitor, etc) without upgrading to an HDMI-compatible display at extra cost. It supports frequently used video resolutions of up to 1920 x ..
67,69 lei
Fără TVA:56,88 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: UH3235-AT
I/O DOCKING STATION USB-C 4K/UH3235-AT ATEN - UH3235-AT - Carduri I/O si adaptoare..
322,56 lei
Fără TVA:271,06 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: UC9020-AT-G
All-in-one design to simplify streaming workflow – Integrates 1080p video capture, video recorder, video switch, streaming encoder, video converter, video splitter, and audio mixer Professional-quality live streaming to global audiences by any CDN platform , with a low entry threshold, even e..
4.431,53 lei
Fără TVA:3.723,98 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: VC880-A7-G
The VC880 is an HDMI Repeater with an added audio de-embedder that extracts and converts the audio signal from the HDMI input. This means that as well as the repeated HDMI audio and video signal output, users can also choose between analog stereo audio via RCA connectors or digital audio via optical..
573,09 lei
Fără TVA:481,59 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: VS92A-A7-G
One video input to 2 video outputs. Cascadable to 3 levels -provides up to 8 and thousands of video Signals. Supports up to 250 MHz bandwidth. Long distance transmission - up to 65m (210'). High video resolution - 1920 x 1440. DDC, DDC2, DDC2B Compatible (Port 1 only). All metal casing. ..
88,06 lei
Fără TVA:74,00 lei
Brand: ATEN Model: VS201-AT-G
2-Port Video Switch VS201 is a video switch with 2 ports. The maximum transmission distance can be extended to 65m. It can be used in environments or spaces with a long distance (e.g. extending education).  ..
218,63 lei
Fără TVA:183,72 lei
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