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Hard disk-uri laptop

Brand: Western Digital Model: WD5000LPSX
WD Black 2.5-inch PC Hard Drives are designed for enthusiasts and creative professionals looking for leading-edge performance. These 2.5-inch PC Hard Drives are perfect for high-performance applications like photo and video editing, gaming, and power PCs.WD Black 2.5-inch PC Hard Drives offer t..
284,50 lei
Fără TVA:239,08 lei
Brand: SEAGATE Model: ST1000LM048
HDD intern notebook Seagate, 2.5", 1TB, Barracuda, SATA3, 5400rpm, 128MB..
218,93 lei 302,59 lei
Fără TVA:183,97 lei
Brand: SEAGATE Model: ST2000LM015
HDD intern Seagate 2.5", 2TB, Barracuda, SATA3, 5400rpm, 128MB..
356,75 lei 518,66 lei
Fără TVA:299,79 lei
Brand: SEAGATE Model: ST500LM030
HDD intern notebook Seagate 2.5", 500GB, Barracuda, SATA3, 5400rpm, 128MB..
208,73 lei
Fără TVA:175,40 lei
Brand: Western Digital Model: WD5000LPCX
HDD intern notebook WD 2.5", 500GB, Blue, SATA3, 5400RPM, 8MB, 6.8mm grosime, w/ AdvFormat..
201,63 lei 259,39 lei
Fără TVA:169,43 lei
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