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Brand: HTC Model: 99HRT002-00
HTC Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality Headset (Kit), 99HRT002-00; Display: 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye (2880 x 1700 pixels combined); Screen size (inches): 3.4"; contents: 2 x VIVE Base Station 1.0, Cosmos Elite headset, 2 x VIVE Controller (with lanyard)...
5.007,16 lei 7.242,93 lei
Fără TVA:4.207,69 lei
Brand: HTC Model: 99H12201-00
HTC VIVE COSMOS PU LEATHER CUSHION SET - 99H12201-00 - Ochelari VR Gaming..
246,85 lei 305,20 lei
Fără TVA:207,44 lei
Brand: HTC Model: 99H20549-00
HTC VIVE PRO HAB PILLOW FACE BLACK - 99H20549-00 - Ochelari VR Gaming..
229,81 lei 283,62 lei
Fără TVA:193,12 lei
Brand: HTC Model: 99HANN051-00
HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset (Kit), 99HANN051-00...
1.907,33 lei 2.509,09 lei
Fără TVA:1.602,80 lei
Brand: HTC Model: 99HANM003-00
Vive HTC Controller 2.0 2018 Head mounted display controller, 24 built- in sensors, Multi-function trackpad, HD touch feedback, Rechargeable battery (960 mAh), Compatible with HTC Vive, VIVE Pro Series, VIVE PRO EYE, VIVE Cosmos Elite, Pimax and Valve Index VR...
926,34 lei 1.249,87 lei
Fără TVA:778,43 lei
Brand: HTC Model: 99HARL018-00
VIVE HTC VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET, Display: 2x LC-Display, 3.4" diagonal, rezolutie, 1.440 x 1.700, 90Hz, interfata: 1x USB 3.0 Type C, 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 1x Proprietary for firmware upgrades...
4.102,93 lei 5.590,67 lei
Fără TVA:3.447,84 lei
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